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My name is Michael J. Smith and I am an attorney in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. You can call me Mike. To tell you a little bit about myself, I was raised in southeast Michigan and attended Wayne State University for my undergrad, graduating with distinction as a criminal justice major. After playing baseball for Wayne, I moved to Georgia where I was a member of the Valdosta Red Sox, a minor league affiliate. 

While playing under the bright lights was thrilling, I wanted to establish a career for myself outside of sports. I moved back to my home state and went to law school at Michigan State University. Before earning my Juris Doctorate degree, I enjoyed being an editor for MSU’s Law Review and had some of my work published in it. 

Shortly after passing the bar exam, I was appointed Magistrate over Clinton Township, Harrison Township, and Mt. Clemens, becoming one of the youngest magistrate judges to ever serve in the State of Michigan. I’ve also been an Assistant Township Attorney and was a partner of a budding local firm. In the 90s I launched my own firm – Michael J. Smith & Associates, where I currently practice. 

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Michael J. Smith


Even since I was a scrappy kid growing up in the heart of Roseville, I have been drawn to competition. I love the feeling of adrenaline pumping through me as I approach my opponents, knowing I must be on my toes if I want to win. While countering their moves is essential, being reactive is not in my nature. I seek to set the tone at every turn. 

A true competitor knows, though, that matches are not won or lost by aggression.  The outcomes are decided by the degree to which one can outthink the other person and mentally prepare for the moment. This was my outlook playing sports as growing up and as an adult. And it has been my approach to practicing law throughout my career. 

If you choose to work with me, you’re going to get a grandmaster of legal strategy who is meticulous in his tactical thought. I put myself in the opposition’s frame of mind and see things from every angle they do, and more. You’re going to get a partner who won’t crack under pressure. I’ve looked former clients Eminem and Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns in the eyes, and made tough decisions with them. Pound for pound, you’re going to get the best attorney in metro-Detroit.