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Contracts are most often written in a dense legal language that can be difficult to understand. The nuances and facets of the details may take a keen legal eye in order to decipher and fully understand the potential impacts of the contract.

At The Law Firm of Michael J. Smith & Associates PLLC., our attorneys confidently handle all types of contract issues for business, real estate and individual clients. For more than 30+ years, Michael J. Smith is a trusted and valued member of the legal and local communities of the great State of Michigan. Clients have come to rely on our attention to detail and full understanding of the law when it comes to contract matters. We handle all aspects of issues related to contracts, including:

Areas of Practice

Contract creation

  • Our attorneys can work with you to create any contracts that you may need, tailoring the language to protect your interests and minimize risk.

Contract review

  • We can work through the language in a contract to break down the terms in language that you can understand. Our attorneys can make minor changes and revisions when necessary and advise you of the obligations set forth in the contract.

Contract negotiation

  • If the terms of a contract do not suit your needs, we can work on your behalf with the other side to negotiate the terms.

Contract disputes

  • When the terms of a contract are breached or otherwise disputed, the issue may be negotiated between the two parties or litigated in court in order to reach a resolution. Our knowledgeable attorneys can effectively and aggressively articulate our clients' positions in court and are comfortable arguing in front of a judge and jury whenever necessary.

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  • When you discuss what embodies a great lawyer, you inevitably discuss the passionate art of persuasion in a court room. The courtroom is Michael J.’s second Home. When Kim Mathers (now ex-wife of globally iconic American rapper Eminem), Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns, Gordie Howe, Mel Farr “Superstar”, Alto Reed, and Jermaine Jackson, to name a few, have legal issues that they need to be resolved, they have all turned to Michael J. for his brilliant legal mind and passionate service to resolve any and all legal issues that come their way. Furthermore, Michael J. possesses two BAR numbers and is not only a member of the State BAR of Michigan for other 33 years, but a member of The United States Tax Court.
  • Michael J. began his legal career being appointed as the first Magistrate of the 41B District Court, the youngest Magistrate in Michigan. From that position Michael J. then became the prosecuting attorney for Clinton Township. Michael J. also had the distinct pleasure of being the Jury Forman on a Federal Court Arson case. With those three unique and different perspectives of the law Magistrate Prosecutor and Jury Forman. Michael J. got to experience first hand how those positions shape our law everyday and he took that unique experience to the court room to defend his clients and prosecute others.
  • Michael J.’s Law Firm has at its disposal Security Countermeasures and Intelligence LLC which is a highly decorated team comprised of retired and former federal, state and local law enforcement professionals. With a combined experience that exceeds 50 years of professional service, SCI has he largest group of retired federal agents outside of the United States Government. Michael J. utilizes Security Countermeasures and Intelligence LLC for any and all of his litigation cases that need elite, top notch, investigated skills.