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Medical Marijuana


In 2008 the people of the State of Michigan approved, by an overwhelming majority, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA). The MMMA provides relief from prosecution for those with a qualifying medical condition.

Despite the protections provided by the MMMA, the executive and judicial branches of government often ignore or misinterpret the MMMA.  This leaves many MMMA patients fearful of prosecution.  Patients remain confused by the different rulings issued by Michigan Courts.  Until the Michigan Supreme Court rules on these issues, patients will continue to be victims of erroneous MMMA interpretation.

At the Law Firm if Michael J. Smith & Associates, we are committed to defending the right to use Medical Marijuana.  We are experts on the provisions of the MMMA and the different court rulings.  If you are a medical marijuana patient and have been charged with violating the MMMA or if you are being investigated by law enforcement don’t give up, the Law Firm of Michael J. Smith & Associates will come to your defense.

Areas of Practice

Real Estate

Michael J. Smith & Associates represent clients to the full array of real estate matters, including acquisition, construction, zoning and land use, leasing and property management, financing, workouts and bankruptcy, regulatory compliance, and litigation.  Real estate matters particularly relevant to our Cannabis Law practice include commercial leasing of space to cannabis businesses and obtaining payments from such tenants. Knowing when and where to purchase or build a Marijuana Related Business (MRB) is key to starting off compliant with both Federal, State, and City ordinances.


Financial Institutions Regulation & Anti-Money-Laundering Compliance


Business Services


Privacy and Data Security

Businesses in the cannabis industry face privacy, data, and cyber security issues relevant to many businesses of other types, as well as those specific to the healthcare sector.  Our Governmental Compliance Team brings to the table experience and knowledge of sectors and practice areas such as information technology, financial privacy, intellectual property, health privacy and cybersecurity. Several of our agents are retired FBI, CIA, IRS, and Secret Service which help make up the most prestigious foundation when it comes to State and Federal Governmental Compliance.